Winter in Kew Gardens

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The evening walk at the Kew was organised by husband to get the little one spend some quality time with Godparents. Yepp. Past his bath time and nearly his bed time as well, Captain Bobcat all wrapped up in the cold (and as Mummy has predicted) fell asleep in his pram at 7 pm during our dark garden walk. Since at it, slept it through and then didn’t want to go to sleep till 11 pm.

The evening garden walk can be fun for smaller children, I guess. And aspiring hobby photographers, blocking the walking path with their camera stands. We, the rest can enjoy mulled gin drinks, there’s two stands selling them, appropriately positoned just by the entrance and at the middle of the garden where the kiddos can get on steam fairy rides. You’ll definitely need another one, if you already had one by the entrance. Well played, Sipsmith Independent Distillers. For £15 per person (mulled gin isn’t included) you don’t get too much. A cold walk and a not very exciting light show accompanied by music from the Nutcracker. Nothing at least little bit spooky, maybe the blossoming cherry tree lights are the nicest.image

The light installations must cost a fortune even for Kew, as there aren’t too many. Shame, that you can’t visit the palm house, that would be fun all in fairy lights.

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